Dhokra (Brass) Designer Necklace on Handblock Print Base


About Dhokra or Dokra Craft

Dhokra or bell metal craft is a tribal craft that combines metallurgical skills with wax technique to create things of distinctive beauty. In this the craftsman subcultures a wax model of the object that he decides to make followed by a mold of clay and then pours metal into a hole in the mold and wax melts. The clay is then broken away to bring out the metal object which is then smoothed a polished to perfection.

Dhokra craftspeople are settled over a vast tract in the mineral-rich central Indian tribal belt (the regions of Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, and parts of Andhra Pradesh). The Dhokra motifs are inspired by indigenous folk culture. There are a primitive simplicity and imaginative use of design and pattern.